Breastfeeding Support For New Moms

From your Belly to Breast is a step-by-step system for achieving any breastfeeding goal. Created by The Village Maternity Services founder, Nicole Vascianna, fear, doubt, frustration, will be eliminated with my proven methods.  You’ll gain all the knowledge needed to meet your goal by focusing on the many “booby traps” women face, finding support systems, and creating an action plan BEFORE you give birth. Seventy percent (70%) of women become frustrated with breastfeeding and give up before 6 weeks. By taking action NOW, you;ll avoid the “booby traps” women become victim to.


online breastfeeding class.


4Super Mommy Interrogations. Get the truth from moms just like you! Hear their amazing stories and how they overcame common breastfeeding traps!

3Video Modules: LIFETIME, 24/7 access to video training.

1Bonus Videos on How Childbirth Can Affect Breastfeeding 

1Bonus Video for Moms that want to Convert to Breastfeeding

Workbook & Worksheets: To help you decide your goals and plan for success.

Anywhere Access: Compatible with your iPhone, iPad, tablet, computer and laptop. Simply click the button to get access now, even if it’s 2 AM in the morning!

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Video Modules

#1 Why Breastmilk?

  • The pros and cons of breastfeeding and how to determine what’s right for you, your body and your baby (The cons might hurt you and your baby).
  • The SECRET of establishing a “WHY” (you should breastfeed) and how to create a goal.
  • How to take a look at your life, identify the “booby traps” that make it 10x more difficult to breastfeed and how to create a simple plan of action to avoid these traps and still develop a healthy relationship with your child.

#2 Create the demand & your body will supply

  • The most fundamental component to breastfeeding. Without understanding this system breastfeeding will virtually impossible. Implement it correctly and you’ll be able to feed on demand and nurture you child for as long as the relationship is reciprocally enjoyed.
  • How to tell when your baby is sucking for nutrition or comfort. There’s a difference, and it’s important

# 3 Hold & Latch

  • SHATTER the common misconception that breastfeeding has to be a painful unpleasant experience.
  • Learn the tricks to identify a deep, proper latch thus ELIMINATING,cracked, soar nipples.
  • Be able to identify the suck, swallow, breath patterns that ensure your baby is feeding.


  • The common misunderstood link between medical interventions and their relationship to exclusive breastfeeding.  Including the hidden “booby traps at even the most prestigious hospitals.
  • Why you need to create a birth plan and how to find out if your physician is truly supportive of your wishes.
  • Comfort techniques you should be practicing to prepare your mind and body to release pain, anxiety, and fear, and birth more naturally.


Laura Husson, this right hippy mama, knew she would co-sleep, baby wear, and very much become an attachment parent. Her baby preparation classes didn’t focus much attention on breastfeeding and Laura was unsure about her breastfeeding goals. To her surprise it was easy; until week 6. With the support of local IBCLCs Laura was able overcome her hurdle and meet her goal.

Cemone Glinton, a full time student in pursuit of a Bachelors Degree in Education while working 40 hours/week, this breastfeeding mama, Cemone achieved her breastfeeding goals by leaving work to feed her newborn. Fed up with pumps that didn’t work, she made the resolve to be there when he needed her; adjusting her schedule to fit his.

A global speaker and entrepreneur Lara McCulloch, took a maternity leave of only 6 weeks. Faced with pumping and dumping milk in airport bathrooms, pumping while on conference calls. Lara was determined to meet her goal of breastfeeding for 1 year. Even when faced with allergies, Lara used the reason “why” she started to keep herself committed to her goals.

Wife of a professional baseball player. Sharonda Butler-Stewart, depended on her support system to complete day-to-day activities so she could focus her attention on breastfeeding her newborn. Breastfeeding wasn’t very easy in the beginning, but with the help of her doula Sharonda continued to breastfeed, also finding it was easier to forgo pumping.

This class is not for everyone.

Order Today & Get an Instant Discount

  • To work with me personally would cost you $97 for a private breastfeeding class. That’s a 2 hour one time class. Is it worth it? Yes. But here’s my issue with most general and private breastfeeding classes: How much of this information do you actually retain?
  • The step-by-step system give you access to this information forever and an eternity. As long as you need to hear it, as many times as you need to hear it!
  • If you were to become a labor support client that would cost you well over $750! You’re gaining access to my private vault with worksheets I use with my own clients to help them plan the birth they desire!
  • You could easily pay that fee, and it would be worth it. Why? First, women that breastfeed save an average of $1,200 per year, per child. That doesn’t even take into consideration the HEALTH benefits of breastfeeding.
  • But I’m willing to give it to you for an introductory discount of $29.95 per month. Cancel at anytime. That’s it.

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